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Space Pets – RaspberryPlum AW16 collection

14 Aug , 2016  

For aw16 RaspberryPlum has taken its inspiration from the pioneering days of early space travel. It pays tribute to the animals that took part in first space missions that opened the way for manned space travel. We believe we owe a lot to those little creatures and in this collection RaspberryPlum is trying to honour our little friends.

RaspberryPlum AW 121a

Autumn / Winter 2016 collection depicts strong graphics influenced by geometric shapes, clean lines and colour blocking. The colour palette is soft and contemporary, closely following on from ss16. The luxury organic fabrics have been developed to be multi occasional and extremely soft and comfortable. There are double face fabrics, which allow certain garments to be turned inside out and worn with different colour combinations. Mathematical grids are featured throughout the fabric range. A firm graphic style is executed through luxury embroidery, applique, prints, knitted jacquards and patterned hosiery. All the knitwear is made from luxury fine Marino wool.

RaspberryPlum AW 218a

The entire collection is ethically produced and sourced in Europe. All of our packaging is made from recycled materials.


As in previous seasons we continue to work with a charitable organization in Serbia called Panonke, who have hand knitted our accessories. They work closely with women’s safe houses, by teaching their residents ancient dying textile techniques from the region. Their work helps to mention important traditional crafts and at the same time teaches disadvantaged women new, valuable skills.

RaspberryPlum AW 530 543cr

RaspberryPlum AW 468

RaspberryPlum AW2 019 064

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