Why Recycle When You Can Upcycle

1 Dec , 2015  

Upcycling has been a big trend in fashion for the last few years. As environmental issues are becoming harder to ignore environmentally conscious brands are starting to become more visible and popular. Up to 85% of textile waste from manufacture and households ends up in landfills. Some of these textiles are perfectly good and could be reused to make new fibre for textile manufacture, or they can be up-cycled to make unique fashion. We found some brands that do a great job of creating something beautiful out of nothing. Up-cycling is a very tough business model to sustain. We say ‘well done!’ to these brands who dare to take on the tough challenge.


Mini Magpie is one of our favourite kids echo brands. Based in London Mini Magpie definitely have that fun, eclectic, and playfully daring style that London is famous for. They use pre owned clothing, such as jumpers and shirts to make one off pieces for the little ones. The founder of Mini Magpie also runs up-cycling classes in Hackney. Well worth a visit.


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Mini Rodini is one of the most well known Swedish kids brand and we all know how environmentally conscious Swedes can be. This brand produces a lot of their jackets from recycled polyester, as well as using organic cotton to make most of their super fun printed styles which they are so well known for.


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Kallio is a green, echo brand based in New York. They hand produce one off pieces from unwanted, pre-owned clothing.  They make everything with the help of local ethically conscious manufacturers. Kallio range is quite small but you can be sure to find something very unique. When buying from these guys you really don’t have to feel shopping guilt.


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Our bit for the environment 

At RaspberryPlum we are always looking for ways we can be kinder to the environment. Apart from producing our collection from organic cotton and natural materials we also make packaging exclusively from recycled materials. We are sure that in the future we will find even more ways to reuse unwanted materials.

gift boxpackaging


If none of these brans take your fancy, and you are more into something vintage we’ve put together a list of some of the best vintage shops that stock kids clothing.

Rockit – It’s a well know London based shop for vintage clothing. Some of their branches have children’s vintage clothing. You can also have a look online.

Little vintage – Online vintage kidswear boutique.

Sweet Threads. Stocks vintage and vintage-inspired new children’s clothing for girls and boys. They have a large size range, from infants to 10 year olds.

Belle Heir  have a very beautiful website and focus on selected cotton pieces for new borns to 5 year olds.

It’s Vintage Baby. Fine children’s clothing and accessories. Some vintage pieces have never been warn so they have their original tags on.

Etsy is also a great source for anything vintage.

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