The Great Indoors – Having Fun Inside this Winter

10 Oct , 2015  

British weather is world famous and not for it’s sunshine, so it is no surprise that an average Britain spends 6 months of their lifetime talking about weather. The British winter is quite different to the British summer, in the fact that it actually is fairly reliable! Freezing temperatures, lots of rain fall and even a little snow are all inevitable during the winter months, meaning playing outdoors isn’t always an option. Plan ahead for wet and windy weather, with indoor activities to keep your little ones happy for hours.

Try these fun and creative indoor activities this winter:

Play acting


A great way to get kids to really use their imagination and focus their minds on a task, is to challenge them to put on a play. This lovely little activity can lead to hours of fun, and even days of preparation if you so wish.

Help them write a script, put together their costumes and their set and then invite the grandparents or the neighbours over for the show. Children will love dressing up and performing, and this is a great way to help them focus on a task with various elements, not to mention encouraging them to be creative too.


Extra extra


Read all about it!” -as the saying goes. Become publishers, writers and journalists for the day, and designers too! Set the challenge of creating a family newspaper, or a magazine. Help your little ones plan stories, carry out interviews, write them up and draw pictures, before forming a newspaper or magazine by folding pages in half and stapling together.


Cook up a storm…

A fun and helpful thing to do is to get your children involved in cooking. Baking fairy cakes or making home made pizzas often goes down well, children can get involved with mixing and needing dough, and also can help out with the decorating of cakes, or adding the toppings to the pizzas.


Treasure hunt…

Challenge your little ones with a treasure hunt, with clues for them to solve and work out as they go along. Start off by giving them one clue, which will lead them to the next and the next, until they find a little prize at the end. Around 6-8 clues works best and keeps them engaged in the task. Make sure the end prize is something rewarding, and make the clues challenging enough that they take a little while to work them out, but not so challenging that they get frustrated and lose interest.


Put on a puppet show…


Another theatrical activity, this one is great because the children can make their puppets from scratch, using things like old wooden spoons and socks, sequins, wool and goggly eyes. After they’ve made the puppets, they might not even want to put on the show, but instead play make believe games instead.

There are a lot of fun games that can be played indoors, with little equipment and that keep your children entertained and mentally engaged. The next time you’re faced with a rainy afternoon, give them a go!

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