The Picture Lady Who Makes Fairy Tales Come True

28 Oct , 2015  


One of the most exciting parts of running a fashion brand is when you see your vision coming alive in the campaign imagery each season. It is crucial to work with photographers who can not only understand and carry your vision, but also enhance it and add to it in their own unique way.  We were very lucky to work with one such photographer for our ss16 campaign.



Autumn Winter 15 Trends

20 Oct , 2015  


Unfortunately it’s that time of year where the summer dresses and shorts need to be folded away for the next few months and stocking up with the latest kids Autumn/Winter trends.



Real Witches & Witches Today

19 Oct , 2015  


Real Witches in History

Mother Shipton

Mother Shipton- aka Ursula Southeil- was a feared & highly regarded English prophetess of the 16th Century. Born to a mother who was also suspected of being a witch- locals called her “Hag Face” due to her ugliness and disfigurements, and suspected her father to be the Devil.

Despite her unfortunate appearance, she was said to have been England’s greatest clairvoyant. Often compared to the great Nostradamus himself, according to legend she predicted the Spanish Armada, the Great Fire of London and some even speculate the internet (“around the world thoughts shall fly in the twinkling of an eye”)


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The Great Indoors – Having Fun Inside this Winter

10 Oct , 2015  


British weather is world famous and not for it’s sunshine, so it is no surprise that an average Britain spends 6 months of their lifetime talking about weather. The British winter is quite different to the British summer, in the fact that it actually is fairly reliable! Freezing temperatures, lots of rain fall and even a little snow are all inevitable during the winter months, meaning playing outdoors isn’t always an option. Plan ahead for wet and windy weather, with indoor activities to keep your little ones happy for hours.

Try these fun and creative indoor activities this winter:



5 Benefits of Eating Sweet Potatoes

5 Oct , 2015  


5 Benefits of Eating Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes, also commonly known as yams, are an excellent and cheap ‘must-have’ addition to any packed lunch or evening dinner.



Maternity Fashion Advice

2 Oct , 2015  


As a personal stylist I get many questions from pregnant women about maternity clothing and how to stay stylish but comfortable during pregnancy. This is certainly a challenge given the sometimes limited maternity clothing available on the market.