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5 Good Reasons to Eat Organic

17 Sep , 2015  

Eating organic food has become something of a Holy Grail of nutrition, but is it just an expensive ideal or something that we all need to consider if we value the health and wellbeing of our families? Here are a few reasons why eating organic food is such a positive choice.

Eating organically reduces your exposure to harmful chemicals

Did you know that there are 320 pesticides that are routinely used in the farming of non-organic food? That’s a sobering thought if you want to know what you’re actually putting into your body. The chemicals used to produce your food may well end up in your dinner, no matter how carefully you wash your vegetables.

You’ll know exactly what’s in the food you eat

Organic food is food that you can actually trust; and it’s not just about chemicals and pesticides. Organically produced food is highly regulated – all organic farms and food producers are regularly inspected, at least once a year, and they have to abide by a list of standards that are specified in European law.

You can help combat climate change

If more people farmed organically, it could really make a difference to the environment. It’s been estimated that up to 23 per cent of the greenhouse gases produced by soil carbon sequestration in the UK could be offset if organic farming were commonplace here.

It helps to protect wildlife

We’ve all heard about the need to protect species such as bees from pesticides – over use of certain types of pesticides is killing off bees – and they are vital for pollination and therefore our survival on the planet! It’s not just bees though; there is 50 per cent more insect, plant and bird life on organic farms than there is on standard farms, with a staggering 30 per cent increase in different types, too.

Organic farmers look after their animals

It matters to organic farmers that the animals they rear are well looked after. This means they will be happier and healthier than conventionally raised animals. All organic meat is truly free range, and so you can be sure that by choosing to eat organic meat, you’re supporting animal welfare. Organic farmers don’t use the antibiotics that are routinely used in intensive livestock farming, so you won’t be eating chemicals and added extras that you don’t want with your food, either.

If healthy, happy animals, good quality food and the environment are important to you; organic food should be at the top of your shopping list.

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