Importance of sustainable and ethical clothing

8 Jun , 2015  

Ethical clothing has been gaining in popularity over the past decade or so, but what is it – and why is it so important?

In short, ethical clothing is clothing (for adults and children) which is designed, sourced and manufactured using an approach that maximises benefits to people and communities and at the same time minimises the impact on the environment.

According to the Collins English Dictionary; “If you describe something as ethical, you mean that it is morally right or morally acceptable.”

At RaspberryPlum we aim to take the ethical approach beyond the idea of simply not harming the environment – we use materials which are not only high quality and designed just for us, but also organic, and our approach to design and manufacture means that we try to take an active role in poverty reduction and sustainable livelihood creation too.

Ecological and environmental issues are very important to RaspberryPlum. Because of this we avoid using too much packaging and any packaging that we do use has been made from recycled materials. We also make sure that all our materials are sourced from Europe, where our products are manufactured, to further reduce our carbon footprint.

We don’t sacrifice style or quality with our clothes just to make them sustainable and ethical – we like to think that we have achieved the perfect balance of clothes made with children in mind; perfect to have fun and get messy in but stylish at the same time. We all want our kids to look nice, don’t we?

We take our ethical promises very seriously, and we have deeply personal reasons for doing this. We manufacture our entire range in Serbia because we want to help re-establish and promote what was once a thriving clothing industry. Just like many other industries in the region, the textiles industry has been severely damaged due to the political situation in the past two decades. We also try to make sure that every employee is happy working for us.

Across the rest of the fashion industry we believe that ethical and responsible fashion is the way forward as more people begin to insist on knowing a bit more about where their clothes are made, and who makes them. It’s important that ethical brands like RaspberryPlum stay true to their promises and uphold the values that are important to their consumers too. Everything we do, we do out of love…

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