About our ss17 collection

4 Mar , 2017  

ss17 RaspberryPlum print

Abstract Theatre

This season RaspberryPlum collection took its inspiration from a few different sources, which are closely connected. The stock character Pierrot, and his large frill collars, oversized buttons, frills and wide culottes have inspired the shapes of the ss17 range. More…


Space Pets – RaspberryPlum AW16 collection

14 Aug , 2016  

aw16 collection

For aw16 RaspberryPlum has taken its inspiration from the pioneering days of early space travel. It pays tribute to the animals that took part in first space missions that opened the way for manned space travel. We believe we owe a lot to those little creatures and in this collection RaspberryPlum is trying to honour our little friends. More…


Cats, Dogs and Mice – New Collection Preview

14 Jan , 2016  


We will be launching our new collection very soon and we wanted to give you a little sneak peak at whats coming. More…

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Healthy Festive Recipe: Fudgy Date-Cocoa Balls

15 Dec , 2015  

coco balls

This week we asked a popular health food blogger and a busy mum Erum Gulmann to give us some healthy recipe ideas that would be fun to get involved in with the kids during the festive period. We are all guilty of over indulging during Christmas and her recipes are a perfect way to get back on track with healthy eating, plus they are super fun and easy to do.


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Why Recycle When You Can Upcycle

1 Dec , 2015  


Upcycling has been a big trend in fashion for the last few years. As environmental issues are becoming harder to ignore environmentally conscious brands are starting to become more visible and popular. Up to 85% of textile waste from manufacture and households ends up in landfills. More…

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Gratitude in The City of More

25 Nov , 2015  


I recently came back from a holiday traveling around Vietnam and Cambodia. What struck me about the region more then anything else is how friendly, pleasant and happy the people there seem. Particularly in rural areas where people live very simple lives but on the whole seem content.



Being Extraordinary

17 Nov , 2015  

Mark Haddon illustration

Recently my fiancé surprised me with two tickets for an award winning play that I had been dying to see since it came out. I fancy myself as a bit of a psychologist so this was right up my street. ‘The Curious Incident Of a Dog in The Night-Time’ is a story of a 15-year-old boy who describes himself as “a mathematician with some behavioural difficulties”. More…


Remember, Remember the Fifth of November

3 Nov , 2015  



“Remember, Remember the fifth of November,

Gunpowder, Treason & Plot.

I know of no reason,

Why the gunpowder treason

Should ever be forgot!”

English Folk Verse, (c.1870)



The Picture Lady Who Makes Fairy Tales Come True

28 Oct , 2015  


One of the most exciting parts of running a fashion brand is when you see your vision coming alive in the campaign imagery each season. It is crucial to work with photographers who can not only understand and carry your vision, but also enhance it and add to it in their own unique way.  We were very lucky to work with one such photographer for our ss16 campaign.



Autumn Winter 15 Trends

20 Oct , 2015  


Unfortunately it’s that time of year where the summer dresses and shorts need to be folded away for the next few months and stocking up with the latest kids Autumn/Winter trends.